Washington State Vapers, the time has come to LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

There are House & Senate Bills that if passed would:

  • Impose a 95% TAX on all Vapor Products!
  • Classify Vapor Products as Tobacco!
  • NO more in-store SAMPLING of Flavors or Products!

Your vape community needs your help!  Please call and email our Legislators!

Here are the steps to make this process simple and less than 3 minutes:

Step 1.    VISIT:  to email a message to your Representatives.

Step 2.    Type in your full address and click the Verify District button.

Step 3.    If you’re District was verified, move to Step 4. If that was not your District, click any one of the Representatives listed in your District.

Step 4.    Enter your Name and Email Address.

Step 5.    Enter 5573 under the Bill Number and click Find Bill, click the Oppose button.

Step 6.    Copy/paste or type: I oppose SB5573 & SB5494 in the Subject box.

Step 7.    In the Message box add your own story about vaping and how it has changed your life, and/or copy/paste the following:

I am a voter in the state of Washington and I strongly oppose the legislation put forth by SB5573, SB5494, HB1645 and HB1458. Vaping has improved my quality of life and I would oppose any bill that would impact Vapor Products!

Step 8.    Click YES to receive a response from your District Representative.

Step 9.    Click YES to send a copy of this message to all Legislators in your District.

Step 10.  Click Submit Form and you’re done!  Thank you!

Call each of your Representatives and relay the same message above:

Spokane Area Senators

Sen. Andy Billig: 360.786.7604

Sen. Mike J Padden: 360.786.7606

Sen. Michael Baumgartner: 360.786.7610

Sen. Brian Dansel: 360.786.7612

Governor Jay Inslee: 360.902.4111 EMAIL HERE:

When calling, please be kind and respectful. It will not help our fight or your message if there is any harsh and/or aggressive language.





Listen up Washington, Bill # 1458 states that the age requirement must go from 18 years old, to 21 to purchase Tobacco and all e-Cig products.

Bill # 5573 states… well a lot but to summarize;
• No consumer sampling
• Coupons are only valid in person
• All currently listed flavors of e-Liquid to be banned
• No online purchases within or to the state of WA
• A true 95% of “fair market value” vapor tax to be added to all vapor related devices

Yes that is a lot to take in, we agree.

What can you do?
• Call all 3 state legislators (see below) from your cell phone, and tell them;
• That you are from Spokane WA
• You highly oppose Bill #’s; 5573 and optionally Bill # 1458
If they passed you would be economically hurt and very upset

What else can you do?
• RE-POST this everywhere
• Call our Governor Jay Inslee with the same message (see below)

Make your voice heard when stating “KILL THE BILLS”!

1. Senator Andy Billing (D) | 360.786.7604
2. Timm Ormsby (D) | 360.786.7946
3. Marcus Riccelli (D) | 360.786.7888
4. Jay Inslee (Governor) |360.902.4111

Read the full bill here:



CenturyLink Controversy!

Do we classify electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product or not? This has been an ongoing debate which has been the cause of a lot of confusion. Revised Code of Washington 70.160 states that the use of tobacco products is prohibited in most public places and workplaces and requires that smoking occur a sufficient distance from entrances, exits and windows. However, depending on where you live this rule does not apply to e-cigs.

We were recently made aware of a man who was attending a football game at CenturyLink Field and was kicked out for using his tobacco-free Smart Smoke device. The man was given no warning and was briskly escorted off the premises. For those of you who are unfamiliar with CenturyLink’s rules, they state that smoking and the use of tobacco are prohibited. This brings up the question, is vaping the same as smoking?

A couple weeks later he received a letter in the mail requesting that he enroll in an online Fan Code of Conduct Class. The 4 hour class is required of any guests who have been asked to leave the stadium for violations of their “Fan Code of Conduct.” Only after completing the course and paying a $250 fee would he be able to reenter the stadium. 

Without knowing all the details how do you stand on the issue? Do you feel vaping should be allowed in public? Let us know your opinion and we will sound off on this issue!



Smart Smoke® Refill Rewards Program

Over the weekend, Smart Smoke announced some very exciting changes within their Refill Rewards Program. As of the first of November, Smart Smoke now rewards customers for their purchases by offering them $10 store credit rewards for every $100 spent on qualifying refills*.

Yes, you heard that right, Smart Smoke is giving you your hard earned money back towards more cool stuff just for shopping with us. All you have to do is signup to become a Refill Rewards Program member and you can start saving money today! Joining the program is simple: all you need is a name and valid e-mail address. Once you are set-up, your account will keep track of all purchases made to insure that every dollar spent in-stores and online will accrue towards your store credit rewards.

Once you have earned a reward, you can use it as early as the next day on anything your smart heart desires. The number of rewards you can accrue are endless, although you only have 30 days to spend them as they do expire. Your sales receipts will always highlight how many rewards you’ve racked up, when they expire, and how close you might be towards your next reward. However, you can always call Smart Smoke’s Customer Service department for status updates on your program rewards.

Need more details? Click here to be taken to our Refill Rewards Program website, or call 1-800-356-4654 for more information.

As always, thank you for choosing to smoke smarter with Smart Smoke!

*Sale SmartNic™/SmartCarts™, Clearance (Discontinued) SmartNic™ and SmartCarts™, temporary SmartCarts™, SmartNic™ or SmartCarts™ purchased within a Starter Kit and Custom SmartCarts™ are valid and earn rewards. All SmartStart™, Trial Pack and Belvedere™ refills are exempt from the program.

E-Cigarette Call to Action Survey

Friday, August 8th the FDA comment period closed, which had given electronic cigarette advocates a platform to voice their opinions on the proposed FDA ruling. The FDA has yet to announce when they will make a final ruling about e-cigarettes, which leaves more time and opportunities for consumers to state their countering arguments. The concern groups against electronic cigarettes have with pro-electronic cigarettes in this case, of which is certainly to be addressed in the FDA’s ruling, surrounds the way companies are marketing and advertising e-cigarettes to the public. They think that flavored e-cigarettes, especially, will attract children and non-smokers to their product and get them hooked on unnecessary nicotine.

Several General Attorneys from various states throughout the country are asking for the FDA to restrict flavors of e-cigarettes, as well as restrict the marketing and advertising campaigns as if the products were regular cigarettes. The attorneys state that if flavors are not limited to only tobacco and menthol, the result will be larger number of kids and non-smokers wanting to use e-cigarettes and try out the ‘fun’ flavors.

Smart Smoke e-cigarettes are made and designed for current tobacco users who are looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco. They do not allow the sale of e-cigarettes to persons under the age of 18, and will turn away anyone who is not a current tobacco user.

            The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is conducting a survey within the vaping community in regards to these topics. They wish to organize and collect comments and send them directly to the FDA. With this information, CASAA would be able to present strong data to the media and Congress in disproving the concerns set before them. Completing this survey will greatly help the CASAA bring more awareness of the benefits of e-cigarettes. When done with the survey, please upload it to any vaping circles you belong to on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, or vaping forums.


If you would like to take part in this survey follow the link below, and post to your social media circles afterwards.

URGENT!! Fourth Call To Action For FDA Proposed Regulations

An additional call to action has been recently proposed by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. This is the fourth Call to Action they have implemented this year. In a battle to promote a positive change in the electronic cigarette market, CASAA has set out a plan which consists of several Calls to Action. These are tactfully written and aim to attack all sides of the issue.

This fourth call to action instructs people to assemble the content that was prepared pursuant to the first and second calls. Secondly, it asks to submit any comments written to the FDA.

CASAA’s goal is to make sure that everyone is aware of the FDA’s proposed regulations and note the two versions issued for this call to action. The first version was informational statements to assist people comprehend what was really going on so the Call to Action could be fully effective. The second and third versions were aimed at bring awareness to people who may not be conscious of the FDA’s proposed regulations and how they will be impacted.

Smart Smoke believes that it is important that as many people as possible take action. Together we can make a difference and show the FDA what they are doing is wrong!

For more information on how you can help or if you need more information on the issues at hand visit this site:

Call to Action

After much deliberation, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, or CASAA, has issued their third Call to Action movement. This third call to action follows the previous two set by CASAA.

The first call to action, which is still currently active, asks for a response deadline extension. It took the FDA three years to release their 241 page proposed regulations, which only gave CASAA a mere 75 days to respond. CASAA is asking for consumers to request a 105-day extension of the comment period, requesting a total of 180 days to make comments. For more information on how to request the extension, please visit  The second call to action, which has now concluded, was for consumers to comment on the Paperwork Reduction Act aspects of the proposed regulation.

This third call to action urges consumers to ask congress for oversight and investigative congressional hearings regarding CDC and FDA’s Bad Faith Actions in connection with e-cigarettes. These misrepresentations have been documented in CASAA’s testimony to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

In response to these Bad Faith Actions, CASAA has created a campaign that will enable people to directly contact an elected representative. By doing so, they can voice their opposition and provide a personal story about their current situation.

As with any call to action, it is important that everyone voice their opinions.  Together we can help put stricter regulations on the CDC and FDA so these actions will not happen again.

To access the CASAA CQ Roll Call program and have your voice heard, click here ➟

            CASAA is an advocacy group formed in 2009 by members of an online forum. The group was created as an answer to the anti-Tobacco Harm Reduction groups’ efforts to ban Tobacco Harm Reduction products and with the belief that there is strength in numbers. Today, CASAA has over 17,000 registered members. They are not a trade organization; they are a registered non-profit organization in Alabama. They coordinate activism efforts, raise funds, and develop materials, all with the objective of raising awareness and protecting our right to access reduced harm alternatives.

Want to know more? Visit CASAA’s website for more information on their organization, calls to action, and how to get involved: