Smart Smoke Launches New Products!!

Smart Smoke is celebrating the release of our new products by giving our fans multiple chances to win! Over the next few months Smart Smoke will be holding contests on Facebook. We will be giving away several of our new products to show our appreciation.

At Smart Smoke, we recently made some exciting changes to drastically increase our inventory to give our customers a better vaping experience. We are also undergoing changes to our website which will make it easier for you to purchase your favorite Smart Smoke products.

Since the beginning it has been our mission to help smokers quit the deadly tobacco habit. Over the years we have helped thousands make the switch to smoke smarter. It is truly inspiring to hear everyone’s stories and it makes our jobs so much more fulfilling. We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your constant support.

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Belvedere™ Review is in!!

Quitting can be difficult for many cigar smokers. The market for alternative e-cigars is full of disappointments when it comes to capturing the true essence of a tobacco cigar. Luckily, Smart Smoke created a premium product called the Belvedere™ E-Cigar, which holds up to even the most critical cigar smokers.

Cigar Dan is a trusted name for many when it comes to reviewing different e-cigars on the market today. Knowing we had a superior product, we felt confident enough to submit our Belvedere™ for review. We were honored, but not surprised, to receive a near perfect 9.8 score out of 10 on Dan’s review. This is one of the highest ratings he has ever given and is a great testament to the quality of Smart Smoke’s Belvedere™ E-Cigar.

According to Dan, “While the Belvedere™ E-cigar from Smart Smoke® has the appearance of just another e-cigar, it’s far from it. Inside the Belvedere™, there are soft and subtle features that make it rise above the rest.”

Read on to find out why Dan refers to the Belvedere™ as the cream of the crop.

“On the outside it looks just like many other e-cigars on the market. It weighs in at a slightly foot heavy 1.7 ounces and it measures about 6″ x 46 ring, [which is] a bit heavier than comparable products.”

“This e-cigar really pumps out a high volume of vapor. For my puffing style, this model produces more vapor than any other e-product I’ve tested to date, and that’s a big plus in my book. You know what I mean, we’ve all smoked a few cigars that put out huge volumes of smoke compared to the rest, well that’s how much vapor this e-cigar produces. It’s just a guess, but I bet the increased weight of the Belvedere™ comes from a stronger battery and a higher quality vaporizer, which in turn equals higher vapor output, and that I like.”

Cigar Dan said that the highlight of the Belvedere™ is vapor production. In his review he says, “Smart Smoke® claims the Belvedere™ is the equivalent of six double corona sized cigars. I’ve already racked up over five hours of puffing on this Original model and it’s still going strong. That leads me to believe their claim is true.”

Dan notes that the durable wrapper is printed with a tobacco leaf pattern and rolled on tight. However, the key difference in the Belvedere™ and other e-cigars is the bite area. He writes, “I love to chew on e-cigars while I write. The head of this e-cigar looks like all the others, but it’s not. This one has a much softer bite area, providing a more realistic ‘cigar-like’ experience.”

“The flavor of the Original Belvedere™ Smart Smoke® E-Cigar has notes of tobacco, brown sugar and a hint of rum. Although the flavors are a bit softer or lighter than expected, the mix is flavorful enough to remind me of a mild Connecticut wrapped cigar.”

Cigar Dan ends his review by saying, “Overall the Belvedere™ Smart Smoke® E-Cigar is a top-notch product and with some will power, I may have finally found and e-product that will help me stop smoking cigarettes.”

If you find yourself wanting to quit the harmful effects of smoking tobacco filled cigars, but can’t seem to quit cold turkey, try Smart Smoke’s Belvedere™ E-Cigar. The Belvedere™ Smart Smoke® E-Cigar can be found on for $14.99 with free shipping. It is available in original, cherry, grape, honey, or vanilla. The 500 puff Belvedere Slim™ can also be found on the website for $11.99.

Smoke Smarter with Smart Smoke

Read Dan’s full review:

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Washington State Vapers, the time has come to LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

There are House & Senate Bills that if passed would:

  • Impose a 95% TAX on all Vapor Products!
  • Classify Vapor Products as Tobacco!
  • NO more in-store SAMPLING of Flavors or Products!

Your vape community needs your help!  Please call and email our Legislators!

Here are the steps to make this process simple and less than 3 minutes:

Step 1.    VISIT:  to email a message to your Representatives.

Step 2.    Type in your full address and click the Verify District button.

Step 3.    If you’re District was verified, move to Step 4. If that was not your District, click any one of the Representatives listed in your District.

Step 4.    Enter your Name and Email Address.

Step 5.    Enter 5573 under the Bill Number and click Find Bill, click the Oppose button.

Step 6.    Copy/paste or type: I oppose SB5573 & SB5494 in the Subject box.

Step 7.    In the Message box add your own story about vaping and how it has changed your life, and/or copy/paste the following:

I am a voter in the state of Washington and I strongly oppose the legislation put forth by SB5573, SB5494, HB1645 and HB1458. Vaping has improved my quality of life and I would oppose any bill that would impact Vapor Products!

Step 8.    Click YES to receive a response from your District Representative.

Step 9.    Click YES to send a copy of this message to all Legislators in your District.

Step 10.  Click Submit Form and you’re done!  Thank you!

Call each of your Representatives and relay the same message above:

Spokane Area Senators

Sen. Andy Billig: 360.786.7604

Sen. Mike J Padden: 360.786.7606

Sen. Michael Baumgartner: 360.786.7610

Sen. Brian Dansel: 360.786.7612

Governor Jay Inslee: 360.902.4111 EMAIL HERE:

When calling, please be kind and respectful. It will not help our fight or your message if there is any harsh and/or aggressive language.





Listen up Washington, Bill # 1458 states that the age requirement must go from 18 years old, to 21 to purchase Tobacco and all e-Cig products.

Bill # 5573 states… well a lot but to summarize;
• No consumer sampling
• Coupons are only valid in person
• All currently listed flavors of e-Liquid to be banned
• No online purchases within or to the state of WA
• A true 95% of “fair market value” vapor tax to be added to all vapor related devices

Yes that is a lot to take in, we agree.

What can you do?
• Call all 3 state legislators (see below) from your cell phone, and tell them;
• That you are from Spokane WA
• You highly oppose Bill #’s; 5573 and optionally Bill # 1458
If they passed you would be economically hurt and very upset

What else can you do?
• RE-POST this everywhere
• Call our Governor Jay Inslee with the same message (see below)

Make your voice heard when stating “KILL THE BILLS”!

1. Senator Andy Billing (D) | 360.786.7604
2. Timm Ormsby (D) | 360.786.7946
3. Marcus Riccelli (D) | 360.786.7888
4. Jay Inslee (Governor) |360.902.4111

Read the full bill here:



CenturyLink Controversy!

Do we classify electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product or not? This has been an ongoing debate which has been the cause of a lot of confusion. Revised Code of Washington 70.160 states that the use of tobacco products is prohibited in most public places and workplaces and requires that smoking occur a sufficient distance from entrances, exits and windows. However, depending on where you live this rule does not apply to e-cigs.

We were recently made aware of a man who was attending a football game at CenturyLink Field and was kicked out for using his tobacco-free Smart Smoke device. The man was given no warning and was briskly escorted off the premises. For those of you who are unfamiliar with CenturyLink’s rules, they state that smoking and the use of tobacco are prohibited. This brings up the question, is vaping the same as smoking?

A couple weeks later he received a letter in the mail requesting that he enroll in an online Fan Code of Conduct Class. The 4 hour class is required of any guests who have been asked to leave the stadium for violations of their “Fan Code of Conduct.” Only after completing the course and paying a $250 fee would he be able to reenter the stadium. 

Without knowing all the details how do you stand on the issue? Do you feel vaping should be allowed in public? Let us know your opinion and we will sound off on this issue!