What is Smart Smoke?

We are a team devoted to quality of life. We are driven by sincerity and integrity to educate and empower customers to live a new life. To be a leader with industry image, quality, service, and value. Offering a smarter smoking alternative on our quest to save a billion butts.

Smart Smoke is an alternative to tobacco, commonly referred to as an “electronic cigarette” or an e-cig for short. The Smart Smoke is about the size of a ball point pen and uses a water and glycol based liquids to replicate the feel and look of smoking without tobacco, burning or actual smoke.

This allows for two wonderful things to happen:

First, because the smoker is no longer inhaling burned tobacco smoke, they avoid the cancer causing tars, carcinogens and over 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes.

Second, because there is no combustion or smoke, the Smart Smoke has no odor and the vapor you exhale dissipates almost instantly.

This is the magic of Smart Smoke. No tobacco, no smoke, no stink, no problem.

Encourage those you know who smoke to make the switch to Smart Smoke today!



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