Introducing The Omega-V™!

Smart Smoke brings users the latest in electronic cigarette technology with The Omega-V™ and its unique, variable voltage system! This allows users to adjust the power settings, in 0.1V increments, with simple dial for customized vape sizes and flavor experience.

The new Omega-V™ features a cartridge-free refill design to ensure the user no more messy cartridges or poly-fill that can cause burnt tasting atomizers. Smart Smoke’s Omega-V™ also features a re-invented atomizer design to keep the liquid in a leak-resistant reservoir until drawn by the atomizer, as well as a re-invented tank design, which is the first sturdy, shatter-proof and leak-resistant tank design on the market!

Other features of The Omega-V™ include an incredible 12-18 hours between charges (varies depending on set voltage level) and an end cost equivalent of only 95¢ per pack!

“We are very excited to offer this technology to our customers,” said Richard Luttrull, President/CEO, Smart Smoke, Inc. “Our customers know they can trust Smart Smoke to provide the latest technologies, crossed with the most-premium design, high quality materials and unbeatable customer service to back our products.”

Electronic cigarettes contain only the nicotine that you crave and eliminate the chemicals and tar associated with traditional tobacco smoking. There is no ash, no odor, and they can be used almost anywhere as no smoke is emitted. And the best part: the cost is a fraction of the price of traditional tobacco products. With 9 models, over 25 flavors, and 5 different nicotine strengths to choose from, you are sure to find a custom fit for your needs.


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