Where do YOU Smart Smoke?

Can I use a Smart Smoke anywhere?
Given the fact that our products do not utilize burning tobacco, are non-flammable, and do not produce smoke, the answer is legally, yes. This product does not fall under the regulations of the Clean Air Act. Some private companies have restricted use of electronic cigarettes in their facilities, however many Smart Smoke users freely use them in restaurants, bars, airports and airplanes.This being said, many users of the products have reported that it is not uncommon for someone to approach them when they are using the product. The typical response is either, “What on earth is that?” or, “Sorry, but you can’t do that here.” A simple explanation and demonstration of the product will usually turn into a friendly discussion about the product. No matter how legal it may be to use indoors- it’s always about respecting others!

But that has me wondering- What has your experience been with this? Where is your favorite place to vape? Have you ever been asked to take it outside?


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