SmartCart problems?

We love hearing from our fans…. we’ve been listening to your emails and tweets. We’ve taken your feedback and used it to improve our products! #WeHaveTheBestCustomers!

Frustration with Omega SmartCart function is primarily due to the pin connection between the battery and cartridges. The pin in the SmartCart is the male end, and has some leeway for movement post production, during the shipping process, or even while handling. If the pin inside the cartridge is not making a connection or only has a partial connection, once attached to the battery it will appear to either have no effect, a lot of resistance, or produce a seemingly premature “burnt” or distinctly different flavor. If you are tasting SmartNic liquid this would be the result of your attempts to draw harder, by pulling the liquid out of the poly-fill into your mouth much like a straw.

The easiest way to resolve this situation is to take the cartridge off the battery and tap the cartridge thread side down on a hard surface. Usually it is only millimeters in difference causing the disruption and tapping should nudge the pin enough to make a solid connection once reattached to the battery.

In order to reduce the likelihood of this situation as much as possible in the future, we have begun to manufacture the cartridges with lengthened pins so they do not have as much room to move around.

If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to call 888-356-4654 and a representative will be more than happy to walk you through the process over the phone.

Watch this video to learn more about our Smart Smoke SmartCarts.


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