River City Dash for Baby Stash

Smart Smoke and Wild Dawgs have teamed up to put on the first annual River City Dash for Baby Stash!

Shoppers who donate diapers, formula or other supplies for the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery will save 10% on their purchases of e-cigarette products and accessories, plus receive special food and drink discounts at both Wild Dawgs and Soulful Soups.

FB_Posts (2)The Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery improves the lives of children by providing immediate refuge and safety and ongoing family support in an environment of unconditional love.

All Smart Smoke locations, Wild Dawgs and Soulful Soups will be collecting donations for the cause and offering special discounts in return all day on December the 21st.

Requested Items:
• Formula
• Non-perishable food items
• New clothing items (birth – size 10)
• Household items such as paper towels, toilet paper and toothbrushes
• Diapers of all sizes, pull-ups and baby wipes

To view their full wish list, please visit www.vanessabehan.org.


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