E-cigs on Campus

Electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity and rightly so- as they are providing a smarter alternative to traditional tobacco, smoke and tar. Unfortunately, we are also seeing a growing number of bans and proposed legislation, looking to limit or prohibit their usage or sale.

This ongoing issue is especially striking a cord on college campuses across the nation. With more and more young adults making the switch to electronic cigarettes, some are now faced with roadblocks preventing them from vaping in public.

Alabama State is one of the campuses that have already set a ban on any tobacco products, which includes the use of electronic cigarettes on campus. Arizona State is another college looking into a similar ban, which is sure to cause controversy among students.

What makes this ongoing situation really interesting is the fact that nearly 33% of college students smoke and this trend has been on the rise in recent years. Electronic cigarettes provide a convenient and smarter alternative for many current smokers looking to reduce or quit the harmful side effects of traditional cigarettes.

Many people can attest to the positive affects switching to electronic cigarettes has had on their life, health or pocketbook! Ultimately, making the switch to Smart Smoke electronic cigarettes helps people quit the smell, ash, tar and second-hand smoke associated with traditional tobacco and should not be banned for use by adults.

Do you Vape on campus? Let us know your thoughts on this ongoing issue and what is being done about it in your area!


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