You did it!

Smart Smoke would like to thank everyone who made an effort to speak out against HB 2795, the law that if passed, could have resulted in a 95% tax on electronic cigarettes. Your voices were heard. The bill went to the Senate, but quickly died before making it through the legislative process.

In an email Senator Mike Padden, who did not support the bill said he, “received hundreds of emails and phone calls from people in [his] district, the state, and even a few from folks in other states. They all made it very clear that taxing these products was the wrong way to go.”

Again, we are grateful to our customers for speaking out but don’t give up now—there’s still work to be done. Currently, the bill is dead, which means it’s not eligible for re-introduction this year, but your voice is still essential on this issue.

We’re putting together a list of representatives who supported the bill so that you have the opportunity to put your votes to work, as many these officials are up for reelection.

Our team here at Smart Smoke will do our best to keep you updated on the issue!

For more information on this topic, check our website or check out the resources available on The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association website.


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