Quitter’s Club


If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette, this is probably an easy question to answer.

What do you want to quit?

People make the switch to electronic cigarettes for many reasons, such as lower costs, no ash, tar or secondhand smoke. Some people want to kick their nicotine habit, while some people enjoy smoking and want a smarter alternative.

Whatever YOUR reason is, we’d love to hear it and I’m sure we have a custom fit product for you and your goals.

Check out what some of our fans have to say!

I want to quit coughing due to smoking when I wake up or when I work outside. –Post by Glen O.

5 days and haven’t touched a cig. Just using my smart smoke. No cravings and love it! I’m Not waking up in the middle of the night hacking my lungs out anymore. Amazing! –Post by David B.

i use smart smoke to quit tobacco products for my family. i have two children and a husband who despises the smell of cigarettes. i quit for them. no harm to my children and i get to vape all i want –Post by Julie O.

I quit smoking cold turkey the day my ‪#‎smartsmoke‬ came in the mail, that was two years ago on May 2nd. Now I enjoy my coffee flavored #smartsmoke indoors and outdoors without offending my wife. Guess you could say I wanted to ‪#‎quit‬ offending my wife with the smell of traditional cigarette ‪#‎quittersclub‬ –Post by Aaron M.


So… What do you want to quit? We can help!

Electronic cigarettes contain only the nicotine that you crave and eliminate the chemicals and tar associated with traditional tobacco smoking. There is no ash, no lingering odor, and they can be used almost anywhere as no smoke is emitted. And the best part: the cost is a fraction of the price of traditional tobacco products. With 7 models, over 25 flavors, and 5 different strengths to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits you.


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