Call to Action

After much deliberation, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, or CASAA, has issued their third Call to Action movement. This third call to action follows the previous two set by CASAA.

The first call to action, which is still currently active, asks for a response deadline extension. It took the FDA three years to release their 241 page proposed regulations, which only gave CASAA a mere 75 days to respond. CASAA is asking for consumers to request a 105-day extension of the comment period, requesting a total of 180 days to make comments. For more information on how to request the extension, please visit  The second call to action, which has now concluded, was for consumers to comment on the Paperwork Reduction Act aspects of the proposed regulation.

This third call to action urges consumers to ask congress for oversight and investigative congressional hearings regarding CDC and FDA’s Bad Faith Actions in connection with e-cigarettes. These misrepresentations have been documented in CASAA’s testimony to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

In response to these Bad Faith Actions, CASAA has created a campaign that will enable people to directly contact an elected representative. By doing so, they can voice their opposition and provide a personal story about their current situation.

As with any call to action, it is important that everyone voice their opinions.  Together we can help put stricter regulations on the CDC and FDA so these actions will not happen again.

To access the CASAA CQ Roll Call program and have your voice heard, click here ➟

            CASAA is an advocacy group formed in 2009 by members of an online forum. The group was created as an answer to the anti-Tobacco Harm Reduction groups’ efforts to ban Tobacco Harm Reduction products and with the belief that there is strength in numbers. Today, CASAA has over 17,000 registered members. They are not a trade organization; they are a registered non-profit organization in Alabama. They coordinate activism efforts, raise funds, and develop materials, all with the objective of raising awareness and protecting our right to access reduced harm alternatives.

Want to know more? Visit CASAA’s website for more information on their organization, calls to action, and how to get involved:


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