URGENT!! Fourth Call To Action For FDA Proposed Regulations

An additional call to action has been recently proposed by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. This is the fourth Call to Action they have implemented this year. In a battle to promote a positive change in the electronic cigarette market, CASAA has set out a plan which consists of several Calls to Action. These are tactfully written and aim to attack all sides of the issue.

This fourth call to action instructs people to assemble the content that was prepared pursuant to the first and second calls. Secondly, it asks to submit any comments written to the FDA.

CASAA’s goal is to make sure that everyone is aware of the FDA’s proposed regulations and note the two versions issued for this call to action. The first version was informational statements to assist people comprehend what was really going on so the Call to Action could be fully effective. The second and third versions were aimed at bring awareness to people who may not be conscious of the FDA’s proposed regulations and how they will be impacted.

Smart Smoke believes that it is important that as many people as possible take action. Together we can make a difference and show the FDA what they are doing is wrong!

For more information on how you can help or if you need more information on the issues at hand visit this site: http://blog.casaa.org/2014/07/fourth-call-to-to-action-for-fda.html


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