Smart Smoke® Refill Rewards Program

Over the weekend, Smart Smoke announced some very exciting changes within their Refill Rewards Program. As of the first of November, Smart Smoke now rewards customers for their purchases by offering them $10 store credit rewards for every $100 spent on qualifying refills*.

Yes, you heard that right, Smart Smoke is giving you your hard earned money back towards more cool stuff just for shopping with us. All you have to do is signup to become a Refill Rewards Program member and you can start saving money today! Joining the program is simple: all you need is a name and valid e-mail address. Once you are set-up, your account will keep track of all purchases made to insure that every dollar spent in-stores and online will accrue towards your store credit rewards.

Once you have earned a reward, you can use it as early as the next day on anything your smart heart desires. The number of rewards you can accrue are endless, although you only have 30 days to spend them as they do expire. Your sales receipts will always highlight how many rewards you’ve racked up, when they expire, and how close you might be towards your next reward. However, you can always call Smart Smoke’s Customer Service department for status updates on your program rewards.

Need more details? Click here to be taken to our Refill Rewards Program website, or call 1-800-356-4654 for more information.

As always, thank you for choosing to smoke smarter with Smart Smoke!

*Sale SmartNic™/SmartCarts™, Clearance (Discontinued) SmartNic™ and SmartCarts™, temporary SmartCarts™, SmartNic™ or SmartCarts™ purchased within a Starter Kit and Custom SmartCarts™ are valid and earn rewards. All SmartStart™, Trial Pack and Belvedere™ refills are exempt from the program.


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