Listen up Washington, Bill # 1458 states that the age requirement must go from 18 years old, to 21 to purchase Tobacco and all e-Cig products.

Bill # 5573 states… well a lot but to summarize;
• No consumer sampling
• Coupons are only valid in person
• All currently listed flavors of e-Liquid to be banned
• No online purchases within or to the state of WA
• A true 95% of “fair market value” vapor tax to be added to all vapor related devices

Yes that is a lot to take in, we agree.

What can you do?
• Call all 3 state legislators (see below) from your cell phone, and tell them;
• That you are from Spokane WA
• You highly oppose Bill #’s; 5573 and optionally Bill # 1458
If they passed you would be economically hurt and very upset

What else can you do?
• RE-POST this everywhere
• Call our Governor Jay Inslee with the same message (see below)

Make your voice heard when stating “KILL THE BILLS”!

1. Senator Andy Billing (D) | 360.786.7604
2. Timm Ormsby (D) | 360.786.7946
3. Marcus Riccelli (D) | 360.786.7888
4. Jay Inslee (Governor) |360.902.4111

Read the full bill here:




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