Washington State Vapers, the time has come to LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

There are House & Senate Bills that if passed would:

  • Impose a 95% TAX on all Vapor Products!
  • Classify Vapor Products as Tobacco!
  • NO more in-store SAMPLING of Flavors or Products!

Your vape community needs your help!  Please call and email our Legislators!

Here are the steps to make this process simple and less than 3 minutes:

Step 1.    VISIT:  to email a message to your Representatives.

Step 2.    Type in your full address and click the Verify District button.

Step 3.    If you’re District was verified, move to Step 4. If that was not your District, click any one of the Representatives listed in your District.

Step 4.    Enter your Name and Email Address.

Step 5.    Enter 5573 under the Bill Number and click Find Bill, click the Oppose button.

Step 6.    Copy/paste or type: I oppose SB5573 & SB5494 in the Subject box.

Step 7.    In the Message box add your own story about vaping and how it has changed your life, and/or copy/paste the following:

I am a voter in the state of Washington and I strongly oppose the legislation put forth by SB5573, SB5494, HB1645 and HB1458. Vaping has improved my quality of life and I would oppose any bill that would impact Vapor Products!

Step 8.    Click YES to receive a response from your District Representative.

Step 9.    Click YES to send a copy of this message to all Legislators in your District.

Step 10.  Click Submit Form and you’re done!  Thank you!

Call each of your Representatives and relay the same message above:

Spokane Area Senators

Sen. Andy Billig: 360.786.7604

Sen. Mike J Padden: 360.786.7606

Sen. Michael Baumgartner: 360.786.7610

Sen. Brian Dansel: 360.786.7612

Governor Jay Inslee: 360.902.4111 EMAIL HERE:

When calling, please be kind and respectful. It will not help our fight or your message if there is any harsh and/or aggressive language.




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